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MQ6 Assessment Tool

The Menopause Quick 6 (MQ6) menopause assessment tool was designed to be utilized by both healthcare professionals and women.

The MQ6 tool can be easily administered by healthcare professionals during clinical encounters. A fillable PDF version (see below) can be completed online or provided to the patient for completion in the waiting room or in advance of the visit.  

Women can also review the patient information on this website and complete the women’s fillable PDF version of the MQ6 tool to use as a starting point for discussion with their healthcare providers.

To access the fillable version of the MQ6 tool, click below.

Assessing the menopausal patient:
The Menopause Quick 6 Screen (MQ6)

Key questions to ask perimenopausal and menopausal women in assessing their need for treatment.

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