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Interactive Treatment Algorithm

The MQ6 treatment algorithm is a decision tool that allows the healthcare provider to utilize the answers to the MQ6 as a starting point to develop a personalized menopausal treatment plan.  The original algorithm has been amended and updated to reflect the most recent evidence, guidelines, and available treatment options. A discussion explaining the rationale for the decisions in the algorithm can be found by reviewing the original CFP journal article “An Efficient Tool for the Primary Care Management of Menopause“.

A printable PDF of the updated treatment algorithm can be found below, however you may choose to use the quick online interactive version of the algorithm/decision tool here:

Downloading the Interactive Treatment Algorithm “app” to your device:

You can enjoy quick and easy access to this treatment decision tool by simply creating a shortcut or bookmark on the home page or screen of your device of choice, be it smartphone, tablet, iPad or computer. Creating a shortcut will provide for an app-like icon on your home screen and will take you directly to the first page of the decision tool for quick reference when providing clinical care.   Click here for instructions.  If at any time the shortcut stops working, please delete it (using the same steps you would use to delete any app from your mobile device) and re-add it using the steps provided. 

You can also directly bookmark in your browser of choice. Click here to download our easy-to-follow instructions. 

MQ6 Treatment Algorithm/Decision Tool

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